"a compliance auditor, an event planner, a full time wife of MF and a mummy to little adinda "


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

my pretty soul

Adinda Zahara,
my pretty soul,
may you grow into a lady,
who has the prettiest heart,
who has the warmest  smile,
may your love touches everyone
and bring joys to every little soul around
I hope you know that we love you so much
I hope you see that we would never want you to be hurt
so beware my little girl,
dont let hatred lead your life
dont be scared of what future lies
there is Allah who guides you through down and rise

Adinda Zahara,
One day I might be gone,
I could not stay forever near,
I could not see your pretty eyes
or hold your arm tight to sooth your cries
dont be worry about the nights
I'll be watching you from afar
not too near not too far

Just keep us in your little heart,
that we are within you pretty soul

Four beautiful months we had with you
The heaven you brought my little angel
Bonda and Baba will always love you
no matter what,promise!