"a compliance auditor, an event planner, a full time wife of MF and a mummy to little adinda "


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

14 weeks to go!:)

Morning wednesday people..

Aargh, im sure that this week sgt unproductive for each of us right?
sandwich holiday in between the week. I hope i could take a week off!

im going to my 7 months of pregnancy soon
and that means im going to third trimester in a while!!!
excited tapi nervous kot.
When it comes to giving birth experience i heard from my friends,
i was like having this 50-50 confident in myself. a goosebump went right straight to my head
Well, i takut bilik bedah and i allergic dengan hospital gown.
How la?

Tapi i wish and doa that everything will be fine
For me and for the baby, want it to be the most happiest day of our lives
Lesung pipit pasti tersenyum riang!hehe

Hari hari in the second trimester you will feel your baby kick, and move and sometimes go acrobatic in there
You giggle, you feel excited, you pulls your husband's hand and want him to share the feeling
At one time bila your baby tido lama sangat, you will go paranoid. eh, kenapa hari ni tak gerak sangat
haaa.. that is when you realise your mummy instinct has taking place
Naluri seorang ibu telah muncul ye.

This month we started to rush buying things and prepare for the baby
the daddy-to-be is excited and i saw his eyes getting larger when we reached the baby's dept.
'Baby, you should know this. He loves you sampai jadi shopaholic bila it goes to shop your stuffs'
No more mr. banker there i see, its mr. daddy-do-anything-for-you coming

daddy-to-be memang excited
mummy-to-be is of course double excited
tak sabar nak dress my baby up
mummy -to-be used to grow up playing barbie
so she is super sure she gonna play dress up with her baby too!

Cant wait for you to be here dear,
we  had already fall in love with you!

Friday, 2 November 2012

sweetest November


what a creepy Friday in a creepy hospital.
Kerja di hari Jumaat itu membosankan
Thanks to IJN sebab boleh access blogspot
2 hours of break time, ini saja kerja yang mampu..


wah!its been forever since the last time jari jemari ini menaip coretan di sini.
Maaf blog, i didnt feed you well. Sibuk dengan kerja and family..konon mcm sibuk sgtla.

sekarang sudah November
tak mahu buat ayat cliche ' November,please be nice to me'

I still remember my last November, masih bujang..
Mama celebrated my birthday with my fiance and her colleagues.
Simple but i appreciate the thought

Kali ni November datang lagi.
sudah jadi bini orang, dan sedang membawa si kecil di dalam perut
its gonna be the most memorable birthday.. first time celebrate as a wife and a mommy to be
MasyaAllah, takda celebration pun tak mengapa but it is the best year I will remember throughout my life

6 bulan sudah kahwin, seriously sangat happy
still belajar nak jadi wife and belum ada kesempatan nak jadi perfect wife, i mean yg buat itu ini and ape segala tu..tapi yup, im learning.

InsyaAllah in 3 months time, kami dah ada geng baru
penyeri rumah.
Hadiah terbaik for us dari Allah

Everytime pegi scan baby
Haih, rasa tak sabar nak pegang dia
Tengok muka hubby pun terharu je
bila rasa dia tendang tendang
terasa kebesaran Tuhan tu

Perasaan nak jadi mummy ni, excited bak ang
Tak sabar nak dengar baby nangis,gelak
and tak sabar nak tengok hubby menggomol baby
time tu lengkap hidup. Fullstop

Sekarang ni sibuk merancang A-Z before si kecik ni keluar
asal hangout tengok barang baby,anak first poyo dia pon lebihlah sikit
Ijan tengok stroller tak abes abes, saya pulak dengan baby cot
Nampak tak permainan dia, belum keluar masing masing tau nak yg terbaik je untuk dia

Bergaduh pasal nak beli barang baby?
hahaha..tak payah cerita
argument is fun when it comes to that
at least both parents amik tahu and nak the best
betul tak?
asalkan happy :)

Haih, tak kesah dah pasal yang laen
orang nak doakan yang buruk untuk kami ke
nak rosakkan hidup kami ke
live your life and have faith
Allah itu ada, Dia always ada.

saya nak hidup dan terus pandang ke depan
tak mahu tengok jalan belakang lagi
tak mahu toleh kanan kiri

Im wishing just the best for my husband and my baby
If they are happy, I will too
Life is not about what I want anymore,
its about how  I could be a better someone for my love ones
I really hope I will