"a compliance auditor, an event planner, a full time wife of MF and a mummy to little adinda "


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Subject : Application for the position of Full- Time Wife

Dear Mr.Farizal,

Referring to the above subject, I jasmin farhana bt ahmad jamal a.nasir hereby would like to apply for the position of full time wife of yours. I am preparing myself to be a better person,and having the opportunity would be a platform for me to seek for blesses from Allah s.w.t.

2.  Currently I am looking for a job,but I prefer to be in a career which will not effect my whole life career as a wife. I am a suitable candidate for this position because:
I) I can do houseworks willingly for my love ones-cooking,washing,ironing,house cleaning.(not at professional level,guidance are needed at certain area)
II) I can be your doctor,your teacher,your nutritionist,your model and your consultant at 24hours service.
III) I will give you 100% commitment when it comes to love. I will take care of you and our family without any hesitation
IV) I will love you unconditionally,no company car or fixed allowance needed. Just nafkah as stated by syariah is more than enough.
V) I will be a go0d mother to your kids, a go0d sister to your siblings,A go0d daughter to your parents and treated them as my own family
VI) I will always be in your company until jannah

3. I really hope that I meet your company expectation as I see you will be the one who guide me and be a go0d husband and father to my babies.

Experience had taught me to be strong and highly motivated. I assure you that I will work really hard to hold the relationship till my last breath if I got the chance to be your wife. I hope my application would awaken your interest.

I can be reached in confidence at the above email and will be available effectively on 18th May 2012. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this position opportunity.

Thanks and regards,
Jasmin Farhaná

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