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Saturday, 25 February 2012

cry to heal

i don't see why people relate tears to fragile
well i see that every tears is a freedom
the way you heal, you release the pain you had hide in
most of the time it least the burden you carried
it closes the wound,it shouts out the word you could never speak out

crying indicates a baby's alive
baby were force to cry if they are not
it brought thousand meaning those days
you couldn't speak,you couldn't ask
you cried baby,you cried
you're such an innocence baby that time
yes,in another word fragile

every time i cried, i sent my heart to heaven
it let me out of grudges,it save me from anger
i rarely cried when i am happy
cause happiness was easily shared
but i am easily touched when i got hurt
i am not good at expressing my hurtful heart
all i do is cry

i let it out sometimes
but tears run with it,and it simply did
i know why it happened
cause there is so much pain i hide in
that i just cant help keeping
and those tears running
indicates each heartache i live with
so many words,so many truth
so many bloody story
it is too hard to be spoken
i let it drain with the pain

crying does not make you weak
there's a reason why feelings were made
and God knows why tears were created
it make you strong,it shows you have feeling
you're going through bad times
you're hurt,you're angry
but you're still alive,you just cried yourself to sleep
and everything is better the next day you woke up

you got hurt,you cried
you repent,you cried
you love,you cried

be grateful that you have tears
it is the most powerful weapon you have
crying is not a category of weaknesses
strong people cry to ease their pain,
while weak one hurt others to be happy

be thankful that you're crying

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