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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

so that's what you called love?

you thought you know everything about love
you thought  love is about
  making someone happy
and filling their times with your so called love
you thought its love?
you think you know everything,you said its him you love most,you said he changed you?
so you thought its love?
darla, you fake it all
you love every guys who give you extra attention
you change your feelings in a snap,and you easily say 'i love you'
you tell the world you're so in love with him
but you also tell the world you're in love with this guy and that guy too
so you thought its love?
you try to be someone else,you try to write poem, you try to be anyone he wants
but it is you?
or is it you trying to tell the world you can get what you want?
you thought you are everyone's favorite girl cause you entertain them so much
but is it what they think about you?
youre faking yourself
trying TOO hard i guess
you tried to stole dream and passion
because you thought love is all about
'i love him,and i think i want him'
......its not about loving a color and pick it up to paint your wall

you know nothing about love cause you're busy watching the reflection of your own pathetic self
you know nothing about love cause you're willing to hurt someone else to achieve your desire
its not LOVE you foolish,its your DESIRE

ONE FINE DAY,when you find that special someone then you know
you dont easily speak love to any stranger
you dont easily fall for any men
and you wont easily take advantage on what should be LOVE